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Chiropractic treatment has been deemed as an essential service by the Federal Government, therefore  Orange Chiro remains open until further notice.


Please note however, that typical opening hours will be reduced. Click on the Orange Chiro button below to view available treatment times and to schedule your appointment.


Massage, yoga and floatation therapy services have been temporarily suspended due to the current community health situation.  

The Orange Chiropractic Centre is the premier provider of

chiropractic, massage, yoga & floatation therapy services

for the community of Orange and surrounding districts.


To schedule your appointment, click on the appropriate button below then

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Orange Chiropractor Mick Cornish
Dr. Mick Cornish
Ben Vaughan is a massage therapist at Orange Chiropractic Centre
Ben Vaughan
Massage Therapist
Marie Thomas is a massage therapist & yoga instructor at Orange Chiropractic Centre
Marie Thomas
Massage Therapist
& Yoga Instructor
Float Orange - soothe your body and calm your mind at Orange Chiropractic Centre
Float Orange...
Soothe the body.
Calm your mind.



Since graduating from university with a Doctor of Chiropractic degree way back in 1997, Mick Cornish has helped many thousands of people from Orange and surrounding communities to get out of pain, to get moving freely again and get back to enjoying life with easier movement and greater comfort.  He has established a reputation for  providing patient-centred, results-focused solutions for many of the aches and pains that affect people at different stages of their lives. He brings to every one he treats, a common sense approach to resolving your concerns swiftly, safely and effectively. 


Watch the video to find out more about how Dr. Mick Cornish might assist your quest for better health


  • * headaches

  • * back pain

  • * sciatica

  • * migraines

  • * dizziness & vertigo

  • * scoliosis 

Dr. Mick Cornish and the Orange Chiropractic Centre;

providing you with safe, natural and effective relief from your ...


  • * shoulder pain


  • * poor posture

  • * Aching legs & feet

  • * hip pain


  • * joint stiffness

  • * jaw pain

  • * knee pain

  • * painful movement

  • * Pins & needles

  • * frozen shoulder

  • * balance issues

  • * carpal tunnel syndrome

  • * pinched nerves

  • * sacroiliac (SI) joint pain

  • * general spinal stiffness

  • * sports injuries